Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June's top 10 tips

 In June, readers of this blog were curious about media interviews, writer's reference books, and everything about social media--particularly the habits of organizations considering how to use it. Here are the top posts featured this month:

  1. Writers told us what's on their reference shelves in this popular post from the weekly writing coach series.
  2. Heavy-handed social media approaches don't work. The quest to develop a deft touch in new media drew many readers to this post.
  3. Reluctant to get into social media, some government agencies and corporations lag behind. New data show where they're hoping to swim and stay dry, so to speak, in the new media pool.
  4. Playing around with social media is the best way to get started...as I explore in this post comparing it to learning a new musical instrument.
  5. Are your experts acting like turtles? Getting them out of their shells and into training and media interviews is explored in this popular post.
  6. Getting scientists to communicate clearly can be a challenge. Can you define "charismatic megafauna?" Check out how we changed that in a recent workshop.
  7. You're getting good at social media when you listen. Take some notes from a master jazz pianist on how and where to jump into the conversation in this post.
  8. You can rev up anniversary PR by using some social media tools and approaches for a new twist on a timeworn communications effort.
  9. Plenty of interviews must be going on, since our classic post "what to ask reporters" was among this month's top reads. I offer you 11 questions to try.
  10. Social-media branding...of yourself also made a comeback as a top post in June, reflecting the new realities of the economy. Check out how to use social media to advance your career.

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