Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Google as a PR tool

Communicators should know about these new options in Google that will make your intelligence-gathering and presence in news coverage more manageable--as well as one service the search engine has discontinued:

  • Researching reporters by byline: In Google News, you can now click on reporters' bylines or enter this as a search term: author: "byline name" -- either will pull up a list of that reporter's searchable articles. See details and a diagram here.
  • Seeing video in news searches: Now any of the 25,000 news sites aggregated in Google News can ask to have video included in search results of their stories and on YouTube, via a new partnership agreement. What does it mean for communicators? The new function should make it easier to research broadcast and online video coverage, for one. But it also means a wider audience for stories you're successful in pitching, and easier access to videos when you want to use one as a training example of good (or not-so-good) interview skills.
  • "No comment" on news stories, but still available on searches: Google's apparently killed this option, which was only available to named sources in news stories appearing in Google News. You can, however, still comment on Google search results, a relatively new feature that extends to any news stories appearing in search results. Click on the speech balloon at the end of any search result and a window will drop open for you to publish a comment.

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