Thursday, May 28, 2009

twitter book: old-media-new-media guide

Maybe it seems so old-media to read a book--you remember books, don't you?--about a new-media phenomenon like Twitter. But The Twitter Book is the perfect, er, analog to the digital world of Twitter, whether you're a newbie or have been tweeting away for some time. I'm delighted that one of my tweets--I'm @dontgetcaught on Twitter--is included as a demonstration of how to effectively promotoe your blog on Twitter, one of its most useful functions. You'll find advice on how to get started and how to avoid common mistakes, with loads of real examples of how others have handled the key principles of Twitter: listening in, having conversations, sharing information and ideas and revealing yourself. Twitter uses for business also get their due, with tips on managing multiple Twitterers, handling customers and more. I like the book's visual format: Each left page has several pictures of actual tweets that demonstrate the principles shown on the right page, and while it's an easy read, you may find yourself dipping into this book from time to time to get new ideas and perspectives. There are plenty of useful URLs and ideas here!

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