Monday, May 04, 2009

in recession, communicate more: opinion

Bruce Trachtenberg, executive director of the Communications Network in Philanthropy, shared these cogent thoughts about why a recession's the perfect time for private foundations to boost, rather than pare back, their communications efforts. He notes: an era of shrinking resources, when all of us are being asked to do more with less, most communications professionals, if not all, might actually say their challenge is a little different. Rather than stretching limited resources, their role is to complement the grant making already under way in foundations and amortize those investments by creating connections, showcasing successes, demonstrating solutions, and inspiring others to take similar action.
I'm a member of the Network and think Bruce's take on how foundations should be making best use of communications in these tough times will work for many sectors and many organizations. Check out his four-point plan, from creating connections to expanding into digital communications, for inspiration today.

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