Sunday, March 15, 2009

newspapers not in the local news equation

Americans are well aware of reports about the demise of print newspapers, says a new Pew Research Center report, but that doesn't mean they're missing their local paper. Fewer than half, 43 percent, say that the lack of a local paper would hurt their community "a lot," and fewer still say they'd miss reading a local paper if it went away. So where are people turning for local news? The report notes:
When it comes to local news, more people say they get that news from local television stations than any other source. About two-thirds (68%) say they regularly get local news from television reports or television station websites, 48% say they regularly get news from local newspapers in print or online, 34% say they get local news regularly from radio and 31% say they get their local news, more generally, from the internet.
Another option's emerging: The hyper-local social network (check out TownSync, launching this spring) that combines profiles, community news, classified ads and more. Local blogs are already popular, some honing in on the neighborhood level, some citywide. Where do you get your local news?

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