Thursday, February 19, 2009

McKinsey looks at web 2.0 in corporations

In "Six Ways to Make Web 2.0 Work," an article in the latest McKinsey Quarterly, attempts to help corporations (or any effective organization) unpack what they need to do to ensure success when adapting to new- or social-media tools. After studying 50 early adopters and surveying executives, the article notes:
We have found that, unless a number of success factors are present, Web 2.0 efforts often fail to launch or to reach expected heights of usage. Executives who are suspicious or uncomfortable with perceived changes or risks often call off these efforts. Others fail because managers simply don’t know how to encourage the type of participation that will produce meaningful esults.
But companies that take the time to get web 2.0 right enjoy the ability to put "underused human potential" to work through participation and collaboration. Check out the article and add it to your file for "making the case" for social media in the workplace. You can follow McKinsey Quarterly on Twitter, too.

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Bruce Trachtenberg said...

In the Communication Network's study of how foundations are using -- or should be -- Web 2.0, the most important finding was the fear of giving up CONTROL. We argue that you gain far more than you give up.