Monday, February 02, 2009

comparing old and new media's among my favorite sources for staying on top of social and so-called "new" media, and it recently summed up comparisons of who's using old and new media. Traditional forms of media--especially television--still top the list, but the savvy communicator will have her eye on what's emerging. From the post:
...some forms of new media are performing much better than others. For example:

- Blogs are now used by 24% of Internet users, up from 13% in 2006

- Social networks are now used by 26% of Internet users, up from 17% in 2006

- Videocasts are now used by 11% of Internet users, up from 6% in 2006

Slower growers include:

- RSS feeds: growing from 5 to 7 percent

- Podcasts: growing from 5 to 7 percent

- Business news sites: flat at 8 percent
And if you're still wondering why such longstanding traditional media models are in trouble, check out this post from Silicon Alley Insider, estimating why the New York Times could give every subscriber an Amazon Kindle for what it costs to print the paper, and then some. Full disclosure: I use the Kindle to get my Times every day, among other things.

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