Sunday, January 11, 2009

where to catch me in early 2009

Early this morning, I caught the rehearsal for next week's presidential inaugural ceremony at the U.S. Capitol. Just as the new administration's getting ready for the year ahead, lots of organizations are already lining me up to speak, train or facilitate at their meetings in the first half of 2009. Not all of them are public--for example, I'm facilitating a two-day retreat this week to help a client's communications, fundraising and marketing teams think through how to integrate social media into their existing array of programs--but you can catch me in these places:

  • This week, I'm speaking to the Tech Council of Maryland in Rockville, Thursday, January 15, on using social networking tools online for "Power Networking." The program includes tips on in-person as well as online networking.
  • February 12 in Chicago (you heard me), I'll lead
    another "Communicating Science" workshop at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Another in a series of workshops for research scientists -- covering the basics of developing messages and speaking approaches about technical topics for publicaudiences, as well as ways to reach broader audiences -- are sponsored by AAAS and the National Science Foundation, and free, but pre-registration is a must; go here for details, and hereto see how previous workshops went.
  • In March, date to be determined, I'll speak on social media as a communications tool for the Capital Communicators Group. There's still time to influence this session--what would you like us to discuss?
  • I'm keynoting the Construction Writers Association's annual conference in Alexandria, Virginia, on May 5, speaking to the group on "Gaining an Edge with Social Media," in both communications and journalism.

    If you're looking for a speaker for your communications team, membership group or board, I'm happy to discuss the topic that works best for you. Popular choices include:

    • ways to integrate social media into your existing communications strategies;

    • howto make changes now to improve your next speech or presentation;

    • issues and tips for women on public speaking;

    • how to develop your message and put it across effectively; and

    • what communications directors need to focus on in 2009.

    Contact me at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz with more information about what your audiences are seeking from a speaker.

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