Monday, January 19, 2009

how to listen to your audience: Dell

One of my 8 tests for your 2009 communications efforts is whether you're listening to your audience (rather than monitoring them to correct them). Now, here's a great case study in the form of a Business Week article on how Dell turned around its approach to listening to blogging customers. The twist: The article's written by a blogger who once took the company to task publicly for not listening effectively. Among the changes Dell has made are: listening to bloggers, reaching out to them early for advice, letting customers rate and review products on its own website, launching a blog and a wiki to capture customer ideas, and launching its own blog. Changes in how customer issues are handled also have had an overhaul, based on blogger and customer input. Add this to your list of useful documentation when you're making the case for using social media as a communications tool.

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