Tuesday, January 06, 2009

AP winning the online news video race

As I continue to watch mainstream news media reinventing themselves in the world of social media, let me give a hat tip to Webnewser blog, which passed along this report that the Associated Press YouTube channel--less than a year old--is the second-most-subscribed "reporter" channel on YouTube, has 12,000 videos posted and 77 million views so far. I reported here on the AP channel last year, and immediately liked the idea: It makes thousands of hours of footage available direct to consumers after release to AP's subscribing media outlets, and takes full advantage of the enduring demand for online video, one of 2008's strongest social media trends. The next-most-prolific source of YouTube news videos, the New York Times, is far behind AP in its production and views. Good reason for communications and media relations directors to focus attention and video opportunities on AP

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