Saturday, December 06, 2008

networking with social media

Registration details are now available for Power Networking Tips, Trends and Techniques, a January 15, 2009 Tech Council of Maryland panel that will mix advice on in-person networking and online/social media options. I'm speaking on the online social networking aspects, and will share an "e-handout" on this blog with my tips and advice, but before I do, tell me what you've found valuable about augmenting in-person networking with social media. You can leave your comments here, on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. I'd love to hear specifics about why the online version of networking (perhaps in combination with in-person or offline efforts) works for you.

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Anonymous said...

Loving social media for business and personal use. Twitter has provided some good leads--from identifying a speaker for an upcoming American Cancer Society event to getting Thanksgiving recipes. Facebook and LinkedIn have helped me cement relationships with colleagues (I'm a human being outside of work; really!), reconnecting with former classmates and friends (providing a few job leads for people, getting some Relay donations).

My use of each varies--Twitter is a combo of business/personal. LinkedIn is mostly professional--really not much of my personal life (other than Relay For Life fundraising efforts) creeps in. Facebook is my "business-appropriate personal self." You never know who's going to become your next friend and look through your archives... ;)