Tuesday, November 25, 2008

social media=source material for reporters

With a hat tip to fellow bloggers at PR Newser, we see another survey showing that nearly half of journalists use social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to source their stories, and a much higher majority follow blogs in their topic areas. Specifically:
Among the 160 print, broadcast, and online journalists who responded, 48% use LinkedIn, and 45% use Facebook to assist in reporting. 68% use blogs to keep up on issues or topics of interest. 86% of all use company websites, 71% use Wikipedia, and 46% use blogs to research an individual organization.
If you're lagging behind in using social media as a communications tools, I'm hoping these data help you build a case for changing that approach. Check out our new media adapters series for more ideas on how to retool your approaches using social media options.

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