Thursday, November 06, 2008

should companies blog bad news? yes

Yesterday's New York Times looked at the growing trend of companies blogging instead of releasing--or publicly ignoring--bad news like employee layoffs, offering some cautionary tales of firms that did nothing and let other bloggers have the first say. While it focuses on Silicon Valley and Internet startups, the article notes:
Every industry has Web sites that cover its companies and eagerly publish rumors, from the Starbucks Gossip blog to DealBreaker for the financial industry and for Ford Motor. Web sites like and also encourage workers to vent about their bosses.

“Today, whatever you say inside of a company will end up on a blog,” said Rusty Rueff, a former human resources executive at Electronic Arts and PepsiCo. “So you have a choice as a company — you can either be proactive and take the offensive and say, ‘Here’s what’s going on,’ or you can let someone else write the story for you.”
Another advantage? "A blog post also comes across as more heartfelt than a press release with canned quotations." It's just another example of how you need to change your media relations strategy in a web 2.0 world--the subject of our forthcoming special report. Email us at info[at] for more information or help on adapting your strategy.

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