Thursday, November 20, 2008

flip gets a thumbs-up from Pogue

New York Times reviewer David Pogue reviews the Flip Mino HD camera--billed as the world's fastest, smallest, thinnest high-definition videocamera--and gives it a big thumbs-up, particularly for its improved images and sound recording:
It grabs really great-looking video. It’s not up to the quality of hi-def tape camcorders like the Canon HDV30. But especially when the light is good, the Mino’s video is incredibly crisp and the colors are true. Best of all, the Mino HD preserves its predecessor’s uncanny low-light abilities. The resulting scene actually looks brighter in the video than it does to your naked eye.

The audio is good, too, even when you’re interviewing somebody who is 10 feet away. Clearly, there’s a lot of engineering mojo going on in this little machine’s video and microphone circuitry.
I use Flip cameras in media and speaker training, to record audience questions when I speak, and to easily incorporate video into my websites. It's ideal for social networking media, because the contained software makes it simple to upload, email or share your results online. Check out the new HD version and post your comments below.

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