Monday, November 24, 2008

adapting to social media? think like google

Facebook friend and client Kavan Peterson shared this psychologist's take on how to succeed in tough and uncertain times as an example of what people need to do when adapting to "new" and social media: Think like Google. Psychologist Douglas LaBier, writing in the Washington Post, describes what that looks like:
If Google were a person, it would be the model of a psychologically healthy adult. Its corporate culture and management practices depend upon cooperation, collaboration, non-defensiveness, informality, a creative mind-set, flexibility and nimbleness, all aimed at competing aggressively for clear goals within a constantly changing environment.

A psychologically healthy adult embraces the notion that all of us are parts of an interdependent whole, like organs of the same body. He or she learns to become proactive, innovative and creative, and wants to keep growing and developing within a changing environment. She values positive connection and is flexible in situations of conflict.
Beyond being useful in your work and life, those are the same qualities you'll need if you're adapting to using social media for your communications. You can read about good examples other organizations are putting forward in our new media adapter series.

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