Tuesday, September 02, 2008

why we're called don't get caught

Stuart Elliott's advertising column in today's New York Times looks at a rogue's gallery of mostly misses in ads, marketing, media and public relations...reminding us why our company's called don't get caught--we certainly try to make sure our clients don't get caught doing anything that might get on this list, through strategies, training and message development. If you don't value those preparatory services, or shrug your way through the thought process before you step out in public, check out these cautionary tales from the list.
How many viewers of ESPN rubbed their ears in disbelief after an announcer promoted the program they were watching by declaring, “The State Farm Home Run Derby, brought to you by State Farm, proud sponsor of the State Farm Home Run Derby”?...How many readers were misled by an ad for the novel “Chasing Darkness” by Robert Crais, published by the Simon & Schuster unit of CBS, because it described an accused murderer being linked to a series of “grizzly” deaths rather than “grisly” deaths?...Did anyone reading Variety notice that an ad saluting the publicist Warren Cowan after his death, which listed many of his famous clients, gave a new heritage to the producer David O. Selznick by referring to “David O’Selznick”?
Check out the article for the rest of the bunch, as a way of easing back into work after a holiday weekend...

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