Tuesday, September 23, 2008

tiny interview = twitterview

Think interviews are way too long? Take too long to do? Get overedited? Then a Twitter-view--a live interview conducted on Twitter.com, where questioner and respondent are limited to 140-character "tweets"--is for you. The popular TVNewser blog conducted a Twitterview, shown here in part, with CNN's Rick Sanchez, himself an active tweeter. (See the whole Twitterview here.) And while many of their readers disliked the form (based on their comments), I think a Twitterview makes for a useful real-time shared chat that can take its place alongside more traditional Q&A. As noted elswhere on this blog, the short form requires crisp thinking and writing, and the unedited/live aspect adds an appealing extra.

This may become one more thing to practice in your media training, and a feature to consider (as just one example) when you have an otherwise hard-to-reach interview subject...want to interview a speaker at a meeting that's already being live-tweeted by attendees...or want to add to your own organization's or company's tweets about a conference.

You can follow TVNewser on Twitter here.

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