Sunday, September 28, 2008

state of blogosphere report offers insights

Blog search engine Technorati's annual "state of the blogosphere" report's now fully out, with sections released over the past week covering who's blogging, what and why they blog, how they blog, blogging for profit, and the entry of brands in the blogosphere. There's a lot to explore in this survey of 1,000 bloggers if you're making the case for a business blog for your company or using it to promote yourself as an entrepreneur. Since I'm speaking this week to the greater DC chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners on using social media to promote your business, let's take a look at what bloggers say their blogs have done to advance them professionally:

54% said they were better known in their industry
26% have used it as a resume or for prospective hires
16% have more executive visibility within their companies
11% were promoted as a result of blogging
And in the visibility department, here are results that show blogging can lead to other types of opportunities. Surveyed bloggers report that their blogs led to invitations to:
Attend interest group event (27%)
Participate in a blogger roundtable (24%)
Be a reviewer or endorser (21%)
Contribute to print media (20%)
Speak or serve on panel at industry event (19%)
Broadcast media appearance (17%)
And as for brands, the report offers a reminder that bloggers have established themselves as critical sources of brand information and customer feedeback. From the report:
More than four in five bloggers post product or brand reviews, and blog about brands they love or hate. Even day-to-day experiences with customer care or in a retail store are fodder for blog posts. Companies are already reaching out to bloggers: one-third of bloggers have been approached to be brand advocates.
I'll be talking about those benefits and more Wednesday, October 1 for NAWBO. Hope to see you there!

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