Tuesday, September 09, 2008

CEO bloggers: 31 percent

Still trying to make the case for your CEO to start a blog to communicate with customers, policymakers or the media? Tell her to listen to her peers. In its September issue, Inc. magazine surveys the CE0s of its 2008 "Inc. 500" and included CEO blogs in the survey, with generally warm responses. Some 31 percent of the CEOs surveyed have a blog, offering comments like these:
Within 60 days of launching our blog, it is our top referral source.

More effective than any marketing budget for getting our name out there.

The community members are our fourth-highest revenue source.
Recently, one of our communications manager-readers asked whether it's acceptable for a CEO blog to be ghostwritten by the communications team. The answer is no--bloggers have created a community where transparency rules, and writing your own posts is the best practice here. Some CEOs share blogging duties with other senior executives, who may respond to comments or write additional posts--but it's announced as part of the blog, and done under their own names. Others--like Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt--vow to blog without extra hands on deck. What's your CEO doing with a blog?

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