Monday, September 22, 2008

the beginning speaker's guide

Tomorrow, I'll be training senior graphic design students at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, offering beginner speaker skills to get them started on what we hope will be a career full of presentations to clients. This practice session will focus on message, movement and image, so here are links and resources from the don't get caught news & info blog and from The Eloquent Woman blog to bolster those lessons:

Message:  The primary lesson: Keep it short and memorable, for you and for your audience. A strong message is one you don't need notes to get across--and one your audience can get without taking notes. Since these students are seeking jobs and clients, introductions are key--and I'll teach them how to take charge of how they are introduced.

Movement: We'll go through a range of moves for speakers, from what to do with your hands to how to get out from behind the lectern and what to do when you get there. Using a prop during a presentation helps rivet your audience, and requires you to use your hands--and even move into the audience to share it with them.

Image: I won't need to explain color and design to this group, but they'll find out why and when to wear a dark suit, and which color complements all skin tones. Since appearance and wardrobe are doubled-edged swords for women speakers, I'm sharing all my posts on that topic here from the Eloquent Woman blog.
I'm looking forward to the training--I always learn new things from beginning speakers--and to launching a new set of presenters on Washington.

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