Wednesday, August 20, 2008

IABC Q&A: How to measure social media?

At my talk last week on "The (Social) Medium is the Message" for the Washington chapter of IABC, we used a Flip video camera to capture audience questions. The first was this one (see video) on how communicators can measure the impact when they use social networking sites, blogs and other so-called "new media" as communications and PR tools.
The answer: It depends on your goals and your audience. Don't plunge into blogs and Facebook under the impression that every other organization or company's doing it. Who are your audiences? Is that where they want to be reached by you? What are your company's goals? Can they be accomplished this way?

Having said that, we're also in a time of experimentation with new technologies and applications for traditional communications and public relations. In that spirit, don't expect the measures and data you've had in the past--you may need to begin with more qualitative results and then move to quantitative data based on your goals. At the same time, web-based applications and social media options give you lots of precise data: who's accessed what, when, and how frequently, plus wide-open options for your customers to communicate with you directly. The best course: Using social networking sites and blogs to optimize your audience's ability to give you feedback.

Check out my e-handout from this session, where you'll find links to the Blendtec "Will It Blend?" videos, which started as a $50 experiment and now account for a 700 percent increase in sales of their home line of blenders, which start at $400. Talk about your ROI... (Thanks to Emily Deck for capturing the question on the Flip video camera.)

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I liked the Blend Tec videos so much, I bought the t-shirt!