Monday, July 14, 2008

congress all a-twitter over Twitter

Maybe I've been in Washington too long, but we find the Congress most interesting when it debates its rules for...itself. The surprise this week: One current debate has members of Congress saying they're gonna fight for their right to Twitter, sending 140-character text-message updates or "tweets" to constituents. Yesterday's New York Times framed the debate, which stems from a proposal to prevent members from using public funds to communicate on outside web sites with commercial or political advertisements; it would extend, potentially, to their use of sites like YouTube, as well as some blogs and social networking sites. The Times's look at the debate gives you a sliver of what's happening on the Hill in terms of new and social media: Members blog, attempt to interview other members using the video function on their smartphones (for later posting online), send tweets to their constituents, get suggestions for proposal changes on Twitter from citizens, post video chats on YouTube, organize pages on Facebook and more.

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