Thursday, July 24, 2008

better ways to Twitter your meeting

Want to send live updates from your next meeting, event or corporate gathering to your students, donors, members or employees? Here are tips from Amy Gahran at Poynter Online about how to use Twitter to update your audience of followers about a live event. One great tip: set up a separate account for live updates to keep from overwhelming your typical followers, but do let your Twitter crowd know where to see live updates--and come up with a "hashtag," a special handle for meetings, preceded by a # symbol (like "#bizjamseattle08). The hashtag lets many attendees at an event tag their posts so readers can follow along easily. Don't limit this to conferences you convene: Consider Twittering from these routine business events:

  • retail buying trips
  • Congressional or statehouse visits, especially if a large group is visiting many representatives
  • sports events, whether charitable or corporately sponsored
You get the idea, and now you can follow me on Twitter, under the handle "dontgetcaught."

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