Sunday, June 08, 2008

your branding challenge...or banana peel?

I was pleased to see the Food Network's new search for the "next food network star" began with a quick branding challenge: The would-be TV chefs were given a tableful of props (food, chef accessories and equipment) and asked to step before the camera to describe their cooking philosophy. You can see an abbreviated video of the results here, and keep in mind these lessons as you craft your own recipe for a short message, brand or tagline:
- Don't get too complicated. The final contestant chooses 4-6 props, crafts a long sentence with alliteration, special terminology and a pointed philosophy--and it gets lost in all the clutter.
- Be enthusiastic, but keep it short. Early attempts in this challenge gave their short viewpoint, then embellished it. Omit the extras--stick to your point.
- Choose a great visual. We loved the Indian chef who chose a super-large ginger root as her prop, and summarized her take on cooking in a short, spicy sentence.
Can you sum up your purpose, mission or message briefly--and show it with a compelling visual or prop? If not, contact me about help with developing your message.

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