Tuesday, June 24, 2008

what else to ask reporters

Tomorrow, I'm moderating one of my favorite panels: the annual media roundtable of reporters for Washington Women in Public Relations. This year, we have a great lineup of reporters from USA Today, US News & World Report, and the Washington Post. Regular readers of this blog know that I recommend 10 questions you should ask reporters before and during an interview, but tomorrow, I want to give the audience the chance to hear how the reporters respond to a different set of questions--not tied to a particular pitch or interview-in-progress, but designed to elicit their preferences and pet peeves so WWPR members have a better sense of how to approach them when seeking coverage. Here's what I'll be looking to learn:

  • How has technology changed how you get--and want to get--information?
  • Are you blogging, in addition to your regular reporting?
  • Are you incorporating more images, video or audio in your posts?
  • How many deadlines do you have a day and when are they?
  • Do you monitor blogs as sources for your reporting?
  • Tell us about a story you wish you could write, or a source you wish you had.
  • What's an interview question we can always expect you to spring on a subject?
  • How do I get past your voicemail?
  • How are changes in the news industry impacting your reporting and writing?
  • Describe the kind of source you always want to hear from.
  • Describe the kind of source you never want to hear from.
  • What would you rather have instead of a news release?
I'm looking forward to the questions and answers, and will report on this year's findings after tomorrow's panel.

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