Sunday, June 08, 2008

flip it--flip it good

If you've read my rant on moving beyond old Bob Newhart videos in your media training, you might wonder what comes next? I want to make sure clients don't get caught anticipating old technology. To do that, I've started using the Flip video camera in my trainings, in part to get clients used to the compact size of what'll be recording their movements in public. The Flip video camera fits in your palm, uses no videotape, includes a USB connector and all the software needed to edit, share or send videos within the camera; it's one of the only cameras you can use to display video on your laptop instantly. You can choose models that record 30 or 60 minutes, and they run on 2 AA batteries.

I include the image here, so you'll get used to seeing them...these days, you may not be able to see the cameras, so it's even more important to make sure you don't get caught in public without anticipating how you'll look and sound. Want more convincing? Today's New York Times looks at how Bill Clinton got caught by a citizen-journalist with a very small sound recorder in the last days of his wife's campaign:
While her digital audio recorder was visible in her left hand during that encounter last Monday, she says, she did not believe Mr. Clinton saw it. “I think we can safely say he thought I was a member of the audience,” she said in a telephone interview on Friday.
Start looking for your miniature monitors--and contact me for training that takes these latest technologies into account.

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