Monday, June 16, 2008

AP cracks down on bloggers

Do you quote from news articles on your blog? Many bloggers opt to cut and paste entire articles from media outlets, or quote extensively to insert a particular view. Now the Associated Press is debating what constitutes "fair use" of its articles by bloggers--first suggesting that one blog remove quotes amounting to 30 50 79 words each, now retrenching to reconsider that early stance, according to this story in today's New York Times. AP says it will meet with members of the Media Bloggers Association as it develops a policy. The Times notes:
Even if The A.P. sets standards, bloggers could choose to use more content than its standards permit, and then the A.P. would have to decide whether to take legal action against them. One important legal test of whether an excerpt exceeds fair use is if it causes financial harm to the copyright owner.
You'll find a factsheet here on federal copyright "fair use" guidelines. Make sure your corporate blogging team reviews these--and its own practices--while we keep an eye on this prominent attempt to further define the guidelines.

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