Wednesday, May 21, 2008

join to "help a reporter out"

I love reading the queries on the Help a Reporter Out listserv, a three-times-daily email we get from Peter Shankman. Reporters post queries and Shankman collects them and sends them out to his list of sources (you can join at the HARO link above). I especially like his warnings not to spam reporters, and when we've sent targeted responses to the reporters who post queries, they're responsive and grateful. (Shankman's live blogging at a social media conference this week, and you can find him and HARO on Facebook as well.)

This week, Shankman's working on a new goal: I said that I'd dance a jig with one of my cats and put it on You Tube when we hit 10,000 members. I keep my promises. Let's do it. Readers of don't get caught news &info, how can you resist? Sign up with Help a Reporter Out and watch for an update on the YouTube video to come!

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