Tuesday, May 13, 2008

great quotes: working on the railroad...

I like to say I worked in journalism back in the Pleistocene era, so my ears pricked up this morning when a railroad CEO had fun with a great quote during a National Public Radio interview, one that made him sound approachable and reasonable. When Morning Edition co-host Steve Inskeep asked Wick Moorman, CEO of Norfolk Southern, how long he'd worked in the railroad industry, Moorman deadpanned, "Since the Earth's crust was still warm," adding he actually started in 1970. Inskeep, a great wag who's not to be outdone, immediately rejoined with a note on how hard it'd be to lay track under those conditions. Moorman's light touch with that answer underscored his longevity and personality, perked up an early morning economic report and helped him to come across relaxed and sure of himself--just what you should strive for in your next interview.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Graveline:
Enjoyed your comments in "Working on the Railroad." On behalf of all at Norfolk Southern, thanks for highlighting our chairman and industry. As an alternative to crowded highways, freight railroads are enjoying a true renaissance. For us communicators, it's a wild and fun ride.

Frank Brown
AVP Corporate Communications
Norfolk Southern Corp.
Norfolk VA