Tuesday, March 25, 2008

weekly writing coach: seeing anew

 If your ideas have run dry, try....travel? Today's New York Times relates tales of inspiration that struck entrepreneurs while traveling, from new designs for a line of china to technology that converts phone messages into text or email. It's not too far to leap to how a change of scene can help the weary writer. Author Jeannine McGlade notes:
“When you’re in a new environment, you have what we call ‘eyes wide open,’ ” she said. “It’s not the ‘same old, same old’ where you tend to get into a rut and aren’t alert to having a ‘spark moment.’ Things are different and fresh during travel. You’re seeing things from a different perspective and you’re really paying attention.”
McGlade is a co-author of Stimulated! Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work, which argues for the stimulus that changes in routine can bring. Where can you go to get new ideas? It may be as easy as taking a new route to work or working in a different room. The Times also notes:
...if budget or schedule preclude traveling regularly, don’t worry, Ms. McGlade said. Find small ways to get stimuli from a variety of sources. Read a variety of books and magazines, engage in a range of activities, socialize with different people and nurture your curiosity.
This week, work on your own stimulus package and put one or more of these changes into play.

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