Monday, March 10, 2008

is facebook your (blood) type?

We've heard many business colleagues dismiss Facebook as the province of youngsters, calling sites like LinkedIn "Facebook for Adults." But in another sign that Facebook's applications can reach the widest audiences -- after all, its fastest-growing segment is age 35 and older -- blood typing has come to the social networking site. The New York Times reports today that a new application will be launched today by a nonprofit called Takes All Types, allowing Facebook users to opt-in and identify their blood types; taking advantage of their self-identified locations, the service will send out reminders to donate and alerts when users' blood types are especially needed Listen to the founders:
“We were reacting to our sense that most of what was on Facebook was too academic or frivolous,” said Ben Bergman, a New York recruiter for online media companies who started the program with his partner, Richard Hecker. They enlisted others, including software developers and public relations people, and found immediate interest from hospitals and blood banks.

“The whole thing was done in about three months, for about $500,” Mr. Bergman said.
Not bad for a potentially lifesaving effort. What can you do on Facebook that matches this initiative and takes advantage of its growing network?

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