Monday, March 03, 2008

does this sound like your company's blog?

If you've struggled to get your company to start a blog, take a look at Wal-Mart's third foray into the field, covered today in the New York Times. With the irresistible name of Check Out, the blog is written by the discount chain's buyers, focusing mostly on electronics--in uncensored posts. It's the most authentic of the chain's blogs so far, and the best received. We resonated with this description of how the model evolved at Wal-Mart--and many other companies, perhaps yours:
Anil Dash, a blogger at Six Apart, which makes blogging software, said the evolution in Wal-Mart’s thinking about blogs was typical. “You start with this total lockdown, suits read everything, one post a month model,” he said. “Then you evolve. A year later, you get one that is more open. A year after that, they start to do something that is far more authentic.”

Mr. Dash said Wal-Mart’s decision to let buyers do the blogging reflected a growing recognition that “trying to control who can speak and what they can say does not work.”
Put this in your "making the case" file for blogs if your company doesn't have one yet, and let me know if I can help you get your feet -- or at least, your corporate toes -- wet in the new media pool anytime soon.

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