Monday, March 31, 2008

blogs: everything in moderation

David Pogue, one of our favorite technology columnists, puts his finger on the reason so many communicators hesitate to use blogs: comments, and their potential to take your blog publishing out of control. He describes an audience reaction during a recent talk when the emcee asked why the audience of PR practitioners were not using Web 2.0 tools:
The audience loved that one; within seconds, there were 132 responses on the screen in a huge, scrolling list. "Not enough money." "Don't understand it." "No technical resources." "Not enough manpower." "No visible return on investment." "Fear of ridicule." "Fear of slander." "Fear of permanence." "Fear of the public running amok."
Pogue goes on to make the case for moderating comments, and describes how he does so on his New York Times blog. Most persuasively, he says:'ll gain trust, goodwill and positive attention. You'll put a human face on your company. And you'll learn stuff about your customers that you wouldn't have discovered any other way.

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