Sunday, February 03, 2008

retreat, ye hearties

Like pirate crews with the King's Guard bearing down on them, the communications teams we work with and support never seem to run out of challenges, clients and clock-induced pressures. That's why our savviest clients choose communications retreats for their teams (and, on occasion, jointly with other teams in their organizations) to regroup, strategize and pinpoint solutions to nagging problems. Here are some examples of themes and issues our clients have requested for retreats facilitated by don't get caught:
  • Setting team standards and skills development: Whether it's the focus of the retreat or just one component, many clients ask us to help their teams agree on or improve their media pitching skills, writing or presentation skills, or specialized skills like blogging.
  • Solving recurring client problems: We've worked with teams to help them devise appropriate team responses to clients who only want one solution, or brought client and communicator teams together to help them appreciate and work together in useful ways.
  • Strategizing to address new opportunities, from using new and social media to developing new messages and media plans for a new CEO, expanded organizational goals or special occasions.

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