Wednesday, February 13, 2008

are you ready for YOUR embeds?

During a presidential campaign, most people wind up grateful that they'll never get the level of scrutiny the candidates must sustain. But we know that the campaigns also serve as the leading edge for innovative news coverage and public relations techniques--witness their uses of blogs and social media, which set the example for the business world--so get ready for this:  Embeds, "off-air reporters" who carry cameras and recorders to capture moments that might not otherwise be widely seen. These reporters' roles began as a money-saving maneuver, and the New York Times reports this week that, with the explosion of Web-based video, their work is taking off:
Spurred by the proliferation of inexpensive hand-held video cameras and broadband Internet access, the dispatches that were once distributed internally are now published on blogs, and the video clips that would have wound up on the cutting room floor are posted on Web sites.
The article notes that it's not just news media with this potential, as most citizens carry at least a cell phone with camera capabilities. When you're in a crowd--at a conference, event or other public venue--are you thinking about how what you're doing and saying would look on YouTube? Don't get caught without thinking ahead to embeds (or just curious audiences) with the tools to spread your actions widely on the Web.

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