Wednesday, January 02, 2008

updated media training: what to ask for

"So what's involved in an updated media training that takes into account today's realities?" asked a reader, taking the bait from our recent post about the overuse of a Bob Newhart episode in media training. If you're looking for a truly current media training, we recommend you ask for the following:
- Training in gestures for the smallest screen, so you'll understand how you'll be seen on YouTube as well as a large TV monitor. See our recent post Web videos attract more TV viewers to see how Web video viewership is pulling them in.
- How to handle longer, more informal broadcast segments that go beyond what's seen on TV to provide the "bonus content" on station or network websites. Our post on TV with its tie loosened, for the Web explains why.
- Whether the old rules apply in new media, and what to do now. Should you treat bloggers like reporters? Will writers quote your Facebook page? What about your answers on LinkedIn? We'll help you think through the new-media options in your training.
We work with reporters to keep tabs on their preferences so your training will benefit--and we'll even teach you what to ask reporters to be sure your interview experience is the best it can be. Contact me at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz for more information on our one-on-one and group trainings.

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TJ Walker said...

Great nuance here. While the Newhart video is extremely funny, it is a distracting waste of valuable time when it comes to building real skills for today's media world. TJ Walker