Tuesday, January 15, 2008

new, free books on youth & digital media

The MacArthur Foundation has just issued a series of six free books, available here online, on the impact of digital media and learning on young people. According to the foundation, the new books:
...explore the effects of digital media on how young people learn, network, communicate, and play, and how growing up with these tools may affect their sense of self, how they express themselves, and their ability to learn, exercise judgment, and think systematically.
The series includes these topics:
  • Civic Life Online: Learning How Digital Media Can Engage Youth
  • Digital Media, Youth, and Credibility
  • The Ecology of Games: Connecting Youth, Games, and Learning
  • Digital Young, Innovation, and the Unexpected
  • Learning Race and Ethnicity: Youth and Digital Media
  • Youth, Identity, and Digital Media
If you're planning a foray into reaching youth audiences with new media tools or digital learning, check out this useful new series. Not focused on youth audiences? Think of this as learning about your future employees, customers and supporters--and what they've grown up with.

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