Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Great quotes: the train's left the station

Using analogies is a great way to make sure your message sticks with your audience, and yesterday on NPR's All Things Considered, in a financial story on gold's rise in value in uncertain economic times, Ira Epstein, principal of a futures company in Chicago, riffed on trains to make his point. Host Robert Siegel gave him the opening, noting that Epstein had said in his webcasts that "the train has left the station" for investors looking for a deal, because gold has been rising in value. Epstein's reply:
"People think they've always missed an opportunity--the problem is, they haven't...There's always another train coming along...there's always an opportunity in the marketplace, the question is when to get on board with that opportunity."
It's also a good example of a three-point message, important because audiences remember things best in threes -- and so will you, when the time comes to make your point. Transportation analogies work especially well when your message is trying to convey either movement, or stalled activity.

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