Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the communicator's facebook

I just spoke on what PR pros should expect in new media in 2008 at Washington Women in Public Relations, and my primary prediction was that if you haven't yet put your toes in the new-and-social-media pool, you'll have to this year--or start explaining why. Need an impetus? It may factor in your job qualifications, as more and more employers seek communicators ready to implement social media strategies--and social media's already shaped the habits of your next audiences. Here's another source for taking the plunge: The Mayo Clinic's communications manager Lee Aase may be one of Facebook's biggest proponents for business use, and his personal blog includes a section just on Facebook for business, with great starter tips for getting your feet wet--like his 12-step program for social media for PR professionals and 10 Facebook assignments for association execs. (As he notes, first, you have to admit you have a problem.)  Don't get caught waiting till 2009 to get smart on this score.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, Denise. I really believe that for people who earn a living in communications, it is absolutely essential to get first-hand experience with the newer forms of social media. And with 60+ million regular users of Facebook, that's one platform everyone in PR should understand.

Thanks for the work you've been doing to spread the word.