Friday, December 21, 2007

weekly writing coach: your conditions

Find yourself blaming your surroundings for your inability to write? I've coached distracted writers to turn away from the window, close the door, silence the talk radio, increase the lighting and send calls to voicemail in aid of focus and finishing a piece. In today's "Writer's Almanac" from American Public Media, find your inspiration in one writer who needed no such pampering:
It is the birthday of the man who wrote the longest novel in the English language, Anthony Powell, (books by this author) born in London (1905). Despite being a successful author, he wrote his million-word book, A Dance to the Music of Time, on an ancient typewriter at a card table squeezed into his bedroom.
Now, take a moment to appreciate your computer, your voicemail button, your closed door, your ergonomic chair....and get to work.

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