Thursday, December 27, 2007

weekly writing coach: technical terms

Blogcritics offers a review of the new Webster's New World Telecom Dictionary by Ray Horak. Intended for those in high-tech industries, it appears to be equally useful if your writing includes more technical terms related to telecommunications, the Internet or computing:
It contains networking terms such as DHCP, DNS, and TCP/IP. It contains security terms such as spoofing, phishing, and pharming, as well as the more traditional terms relating to telecommunications like DSL, VoIP, and SONET.

While, by definition — pardon the pun — Webster's New World Telecom Dictionary is a technical book focused toward professionals yet written in a plain-English style that anyone can understand. Many of the entries are encyclopedic in that they not only define the item, but also expand on the issues entailed, including the technical aspects.
Smart writers stock their bookshelves--whether virtual or made of wood--with specialty dictionaries like this one. What's on your technical terms bookshelf?

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