Wednesday, December 05, 2007

tagline, you're it: take a survey

Nonprofit marketer Nancy Schwartz wants to know how you apply your skills to your nonprofit's tagline with a new survey. Here's what she's seeking:
In today's competitive marketing environment, nonprofit taglines must be strong enough to get attention and provoke questions. Effective taglines complement an org's name, convey the unique value its delivers to its community and differentiates it from the competition. (Americorps' "Getting Things Done" is a great example of a tagline that works on all three fronts.) But more often, nonprofit taglines are vague, ambiguous, over-reaching, too abstract or simply non-existent. Unfortunately, there’s little available guidance for organizations striving to strengthen their taglines. That's why I'm making a special effort in 2008 to help nonprofit orgs craft better taglines.
If you respond to Schwartz's survey here, she'll send you a report on the results on request, including trends, best practices and tips. I'll report on it, too.

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