Wednesday, November 28, 2007

seeking cause-supporters on the web

Count the venerable Ad Council -- the coordinator for pro bono public-service ad campaigns by advertising agencies -- among those looking for supporters of nonprofit causes on the Web, a topic we covered for Maryland Nonprofits' annual conference earlier this month. Today's New York Times documents the Council's plunge into the new-media pool:
Not surprisingly, the changes in media choices have put more of the council’s ads online, in forms that include banner ads, sponsored links in search results, so-called buddy icons on AOL and commercials on video-sharing Web sites like YouTube. The council even has its own YouTube channel.
The Council's gone to the Web for two solid reasons: It's where the hoped-for audience gets information, and it can benefit from serendipity--those who stumble upon a message, allowing it to reach an unanticipated supporter. Good reasons for you to consider when pushing your cause.

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