Saturday, November 03, 2007

get your toes wet in the new media pool

For every cutting-edge experimenter who's using new and social media to communicate to key audiences, we meet 9 more who are holding back, because:
- I don't have time to blog/use Facebook.

- I don't want to add one more project.

- The people I want to blog for my organization have doubts. I don't know how to get everyone on board, and I can't answer their questions.

- I have enough trouble with my first life--forget Second Life.

- I don't understand how it would make a strategic difference, but I feel we should decide.
Instead of diving in -- or swimming by holding on to the edge of the pool -- let us suggest you get your toes wet by convening one of our customized strategy sessions on new and social media. You gather the decision-makers, naysayers, potential bloggers, leadership and assorted questioners. We'll facilitate a customized half-day or full-day session, depending on the number of participants and issues to be covered, that will:
  • orient you and your team to options that suit your needs, from blogs and Facebook to YouTube and Second Life. You decide which options you're curious about, and we'll show you examples relevant to your mission, along with data and metrics to show you what results you can expect.
  • review the policy decisions you need to make for effective use of new media, from time and costs to staffing and managing interactions with your audiences.
  • suggest solutions you may not have considered, like member-only blogs seen only by your invited participants or using blogs or Facebook to replace publications--or at least reduce your printing budget.
  • help you think about driving traffic, promoting your new blog or page and other practical matters to ensure you reach the right audience.
  • answer the questioners and naysayers, to eliminate the wondering and get you closer to an informed decision, yea or nay.
Want to wade further in? We can add a half-day training for those ready to learn, or incorporate the training throughout the orientation. You may never have an avatar, a Facebook friend or post to a blog, but if you're curious -- or challenged by others' questions -- this combination orientation and planning session will help you get strategic about new media. For more information, contact us at

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