Tuesday, October 02, 2007

reaching youth audiences

Editor and Publisher columnist Steve Outing pushes his colleagues to consider "What's Your Facebook Strategy?", an article that spells out the Facebook rationale simply enough for any organization that wants or needs to reach a youth audience. Noting that users in their 20s and below prefer social media sites to communicate (as opposed to the email of older generations), he adds:
And that's the issue that news executives need to understand. Facebook represents where the coveted younger demographic is hanging out. They're not spending tons of time on newspaper websites. (And most of them definitely are not reading the dead-tree edition.) Ergo, news organizations need to get their content and services to where the young people are. That Facebook allows you to do this (while MySpace, as yet, does not) should be viewed as a huge favor bestowed on you.
Another site, New America Media, reflects the multicultural nature of today's younger generations. (Called Millennials, they are the most ethnically diverse generation ever.) News is arranged by ethicities: African, African-American, Asian, South Asian, European, Indigenous, Latino, Middle Eastern and "intersections." If you need to keep tabs on youth audiences, check out the "special beat" section of coverage of youth culture here. The site, a collaborative effort of ethnic news organizations, offers for sale a directory of ethnic news organizations here.

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