Tuesday, September 18, 2007

what to leave out of a speech

Speakers and speechwriters alike can cross this task off their lists: Don't write out familiar anecdotes in your script, speech or talking points. Why? A personal story gains power when you put down the paper, look at the audience and speak from your experience...and, for the most familiar stories you tell, the script trips up the speaker. After all, it happened to you, so you should be able to tell it to your audience. But it does pay for the speechwriter to place a reminder in the written speech -- along the lines of [TELL VACUUM CLEANER STORY HERE] -- and for the speaker to rehearse a smooth transition from reliance on the script to telling the anecdote, and back again. Speakers, take note: It's smarter to save your speechwriter's skill for those portions of the speech you don't already know by heart.

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