Monday, September 10, 2007

nonprofit uses for Facebook

Lee Aase blogged yesterday about a straightforward way nonprofits and professional groups can use Facebook: to replace a member directory. For nonprofits and other businesses struggling to understand social media and new options to replace existing communications strategies, this post offers a clear view of what's possible. Consider this option if you have natural groups in your organization: foundations with grantees; nonprofits organizations with advisory boards or multidisciplinary teams; coalitions with many members; professional societies, ditto; churches, Scout troops, breast cancer 5K teams, even more so. Essentially, Facebook, as described here, gives you a fast and useful way to connect with your members, using everything from photos and video to fast group-wide emails. And you don't just need to round them up electronically. Use your Facebook group to raise funds, take polls, and alert members to ways they can participate, online or offline. Denise Graveline will join nonprofit marketing consultant Don Akchin in November at the Maryland Nonprofits annual conference to talk about "Energizing Your Communities of Support" using new media options just like this one. If you're using Facebook in this way, leave us a comment and tell us how it works for you.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Denise. I think free services like Facebook are going to be really valuable, particularly for nonprofits or not-for-profits, to connect with members. And the fact that it's free will be disruptive for other service providers who have charged, directly or indirectly, for some of the functions Facebook can fulfill with a little creative thinking.