Friday, August 10, 2007

your 2 cents' worth on Google News

The Washington Post's IT blog reported this week on Google's decision to test a new feature on Google News, allowing those quoted in a news story -- but only those quoted -- to comment on the story. Post IT blogger Sam Diaz wrote:
In a test that begins this week, Google will allow comments only from the people in the story and will post those comments along side entries on Google News. As a journalist, I welcome this feedback. Often, our sources have been less than happy with stories we've written about them. And I can't tell you how many times I've heard from sources who were disappointed that some detail that came up during an interview didn't make the story.
Citing the personal touch that insider comments could add, Google's reflecting the social media trend, catching up with myriad news websites that allow coments on stories...and let you respond faster than a letter-to-the-editor would. It's said they won't edit the comments, but will label them clearly to differentiate from the news story. You can find out more about the test, conducted on US stories only for the time being, in the Google blog here, and find out how to submit comments on Google News stories here.

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