Wednesday, August 29, 2007

why we media train in peer groups

Prospective media training clients often ask us to schedule a workshop for several executives at once -- typically, for budget purposes. In return, we always ask for the organization chart, because training supervisors along with subordinates creates an uneven playing field for trainees, we feel. We work hard to create a comfortable atmosphere in our media and presentation training, providing a safe place to fail without embarrassment...and ultimately, to succeed. That's not only tough for you if your boss is in the room (or your boss's boss), but tough on the boss, too. Are there exceptions? Certainly, but we'll want to discuss them with you in advance, to ensure your group gets the most out of its workshop or training. So think instead about booking training for all members of a committee, all senior managers, all committee chairs, and similar peer groups when you want to train in multiples. We offer introductory group media trainings, special group trainings for women in media skills and presentation skills, and intensive media training for groups of three at a time, as well as individual trainings. To find out more, email us at

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