Monday, August 20, 2007

weekly writing coach: fast novel-ty

We're giving you early warning about yet another writing contest, because this one's a whopper: National Novel Writing Month (nicknamed "NaNoWriMo") takes place November 1 to 30, with local events, online features like blogs, and more to support you in actually writing an entire novel in a month. You can go here to learn how it works in 10 easy steps. Step three says:
Begin your novel-planning procrastination by reading through all the great advice and funny stories in the forums. Post some stories and questions of your own. Get excited. Get nervous. Eat lots of chocolate and pamper yourself in preparation for the fiction-fueled escapade to come.
Most of our clients and friends stick with nonfiction writing, but it's important to vary your writing styles and formats to prompt creativity and push you outside your box. And there's nothing like a deadline to make you productive! In the meantime, take a tip from novelists and try plotting out your next nonfiction assignment, whether it's a news release, letter, or article.

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